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Benefit’s of BB cream

A BB cream acts like a primer ,even out your complexion like a tinted moisturizer, covers small imperfections and redness like a concealer,hydrets your skin like a day cream , brighten up dul complexion, and they often contain SPF and other anti-aging ingredients

so, the difference Between, BB cream And CC Cream it that if you’ve got dry skin, then opt for a BB Cream is a better betas it has bacteria – killing propertie

BB, cream only have skin friendly benefit’s. They don’t hamper your skin texture or your tone. you can apply BB Cream Everyday. And Haunt your thu glam look with minimal effort

A. BB cream can be a Standalone complexion Step it, shares properties with Skincare Even know the best way to work those product in it our hands, try using your finger to massage The BB cream into your skin, Starting in the areas of your face where you want the most help.

use the concealer for problem areas.

Application of too much BB Cream it not a good idea, So it’s bellie to add the reet of your routine to coller Problem area like dark circles uneven Skin tones with a concealer, blush or a highlighter, for a bare face look, you can just leave. it as it is after applying BB cream.

A good rule of thumb i to wait until your moisturizer or SPF feels dry to the touch before applying…